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Stained Glass Window Restoration Project by VanDerHoff Studios at St Mary's Catholic Church, Lyndon Station, WI 
Image by - Lyndon Station News, St Mary's Catholic Church get's stained-glass upgrade

Lyndon Station church gets stained-glass upgrade

Ed Legge 608-745-3513  Apr 10, 2015

Penny Arens, left, and Elizabeth Mitchell take a close look at one of the two stained-glass windows restored thus far at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lyndon Station.  

For the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Lyndon Station, the sky wasn’t exactly falling 18 months ago, but the stained glass certainly was — 115-year-old stained glass, to be exact.    

A rogue pane of glass fell one day from atop one of the church’s two largest stained glass windows, which flank St. Mary’s sanctuary midsection on either side. By then parishioners also had noticed that both of the 115-year-old church’s primary windows were beginning to bow and showing every bit of their advanced age.

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