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Stained Glass Window restoration in process - Vanderhoff StudiosLeaded Glass Window Restoration Specialist Vanderhoff Studios CrestStained Glass Artists:

Rich Neumann,
Has been part of “our family” the longest; managing our studio for nearly 10 years.  He is an artist with over 30 years’ experience in the art of stained glass creation and restoration.  Rich received degrees in both art and photography in the late 70’s from the University of La Crosse, WI.  After graduation Rich sought out a career in stained glass.  He learned the basics of design, layout and window fabrication.  Throughout the years he has developed the exemplary skills to tackle virtually any issue he faced; both in development of a new window or the historic restoration of a window from the past.  His extreme attention to detail is what sets him apart from the rest. We cannot say enough about Rich’s techniques and life’s dedication to the art of stained glass creation and restoration.

Historic Stained Glass Restoration at Vanderhoff StudiosYou can rest assured that your windows will undergo the finest restoration techniques available today under Rich’s care.  Each window will undergo a transformation that will restore all of its’ original luster and appeal.  Whether it’s simply broken glass that needs replacement or an elaborate painted symbol that need’s replication; his trained hand will deliver the results that you are looking for.

Christian Neira,
An artist who began learning the craft of Stained Glass in the Politecnician University of Guadalajara in 1989, with the Mexican Artist Miguel Corona.  During the 90’s he worked as a freelance artist in Lima, Peru, and traveled to San Paulo, Brazil to study commercial and Liturgical design at the Heilmeier Studio.

 In 1999 Christian apprenticed and worked with a Peruvian Old Master, named Oscar Levano, who learned from a French painter that called himself “The Crow”, who was hired at Antonnioli’s Studio at the end of the 19th Century in Peru.  Oscar was 87 years old when Christian worked with and learned from him as he perfected his glass painting skills. 

A year later Christian met an Old German Painter, William Lemke, born in Berlin in 1905. He came to work in “Santa Polonia” Studio in Lima Peru, where he opened his own Studio in 1935.  Years later Christian had the great honor of working with William who taught him the “German” way to create and restore Stained Glass.  William’s entire life he kept his techniques a secret, and he was extremely protective of his secret.  At the end of his life, he left Christian his entire collection of work that he created in Peru; studio drafts, color sketches, full size charcoal detailed cartoons, and his books. But the most important legacy was all of his techniques in, lead fabrication, glazing, kiln work, restoration, designing and painting.  In 2001 Christian opened his own studio in Lima Peru, where he taught the art of Stained Glass Restoration and creation.  During this time he became involved with the Stained Glass Association of America and eventually moved to the United States with his family and worked with several American and foreign artists.

Christian returned to Peru in 2011 but the Peruvian stained glass market is too small and today’s generation don’t appreciate the traditional arts.  When we contacted Christian to come to work for us and move back to not only the United States but the frozen tundra of Wisconsin he explained; “I am doing this for God, my family, and my passion for the Stained Glass Art”.  Christian has pledged to use his talent, passion and respect to provide our clients with perfection in restoring and creating their stained glass windows.  He is also committed to supporting the future generations of the Stained Glass Legacy.

You can count on your new windows to stand up to the rigors of time for generations to come.  Complete releading and cementing of a window creates very durable “like new” panels that will last for many years. 

Perhaps a window from your neighborhood will be the next to experience the
renovation which it so richly deserves.


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