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New Leaded Glass Millwork by Vanderhoff Studios of Melrose, WIMany times Don will see sill rot when he evaluates your windows. This can be detected more easily from the exterior. One main cause for wood rot  is New Leaded Glass Millwork by Vanderhoff Studios of Melrose, WIaluminum wrapped millwork called flashing. Condensation gets trapped in between the millwork and the flashing not allowing the sun or wind to dry the millwork and the water rots the wood at a much more rapid rate. This is hard to detect without removing the flashing that many times the old protective storm coverings are fastened to. When VanDerHoff Studios crew removes the old protective storm covering and begins the scraping and painting process they can get a good look at the millwork and its condition. If there are any problems with your millwork, Don will call the church contact person and set up an appointment for them to meet at the church and determine the amount Pictures of Leaded Glass Restoration Project by Vanderhoff Studios that included New Millworkof damage and the repairs needed along with the additional expense. If this happens there is no need to worry, VanDerHoff Studios custom fabricates all of it’s own new millwork.

Some millwork repairs can be done right at the church. We frequently repair or replace exterior sills during the painting and scraping process. More elaborate replacements  require the entire window to be removed, taken back to the woodworking studio and duplicated. Millwork that holds Stained Glass Windows are specially engineered to hold the extra weight of the lead. You will get a first hand look at some rotted millwork that needed to be replaced, and new millwork that was fabricated by VanDerHoff Studios by viewing the New Millwork PDF.  




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