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Stained Glass Window Restoration Specialist Vanderhoff Studios CrestProtective Storm Coverings

Protective storm coverings are a necessary consideration for any new or restored leaded glass windows.  Leaded glass windows are inherently less efficient than conventional glass windows.  All of those seams produce a window that is one step more efficient than a screen door.  It is a common complaint that churches and cathedrals are drafty, candles will not stay lit and parishioners commonly avoid sitting near windows on the outside of rows.  The stained glass windows contribute to this situation. 

Protective storm Coverings

  • Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs by approximately 50%

  • Protect Windows and Sash from Water and Storm damage

  • Reduce outside noise pollution

  • Protect your new or restored leaded glass windows from damage by vandalism

VanDerHoff Studios offers 4 attractive and efficient Protective Storm covering alternatives.

Plate Glass  ~  General Electric Unbreakable Lexan  ~ Low E Plate Glass  ~  (None-Yellowing) Laminated Safety Glass


Our personal pride is evident in each window that we restore. The craftsmanship of VanDerHoff Studios is like that “from the past”
simply because we care about preserving those cherished icons which now adorn our world.
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