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Church Glass Restoration Specialist - Don Vanderhoff of Vanderhoff Studios in Melrose, WI

I would just like to say thank you for the workmanship that you had done here.   Before we started the project of replacing the windows I had a long time member tell me that when the windows are complete she wanted to see them while leaving Christmas Eve service from the out side.  I reminded her of her wish and I heard nothing but praises.  The windows truly looked beautiful being illuminated from the inside something that we were not able to do before the restoration.   I would just like to say thank you for all that you have done for us.   Merry Christmas.

Paul Kemp
Trinity United Methodist Church
Mt Gilead Ohio. 


We both feel honored to have met an artist like you!  Many people have commented on the beautiful job you did restoring the windows.
Church Window Restoratiion Specialist Don Vanderhoff of Vanderhoff Studios - Melrose, WI
Nancy Shevel

I just wanted to add my thanks to you and everyone on the crew.....You visited here three times and really showed an interest and desire to do the job.  Your superior frame is what sold me......I was a little nervous about sticking my neck out but then my wife and I went up to  Immaculate Conception in Anchorville.....After seeing your work first hand I was completely confident that we made the right choice

Patrick Degens

  Thank you for working with our church to preserve our heritage for the new building and helping the old building feel like home for the next generation......

Tim Foly

You wouldn't have believed the condition of the windows before.........

Robin Brucker
February 2010

VanDerHoff Studios, Inc.
N3478 Horn Road
Melrose, WI  54642-9900

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